Head Coach & Founder - Tej Saran

Founded nearly 8 years ago by Tej saran, SQUASH-FIT is growing into a well-established coaching and Fitness/Personal Training service across Monmouthshire and Herefordshire.

We provide a super friendly and educating experience for all squash players and fitness enthusiasts!



Loving my Squash Lessons!

I’m so grateful to Squash-Fit for getting me back into the game and moving me on in terms of skill. After years of playing bad squash, I now feel confident and can hold my own on the court, plus I am totally addicted! It really is the best fitness…

I’ve been training in the gym and playing squash on and off for the past 10 years and decided to comeback after my recent injury. I chose SQUASH-FIT as it appeared welcoming and have never looked back, my Knee feels stronger than ever and I love playing the game. Thanks!

I’ve just moved to the area so thought a good way to meet new people is to play a sport. I chose SQUASH-FIT because it looked and sounded fun! I have now been playing for 3 years socially and really enjoy the sweat and stress release after a long day at work!

Ive been having PT sessions for 2 years now and have lost over 3 stone and that includes giving birth in that time. The variety in the sessions are brilliant and always kept on my toes. I feel fitter, stronger and most importantly, happy where I am and what I have achieved so far. The sessions are fun and challenging at the same time

SQUASH-FIT identified me in a school session so I came along to a session to try out squash and now have thrived of the coaching I have received and now play in the welsh academy squash squad. All credit to SQUASH-FIT for the guidance and encouragement!

SQUASH-FIT has and will continue to improve my game, through tough training sessions and a variety of different conditioned games.


We Make a Difference

By achieving targets and educating you into a new way of thinking, we can help you enhance your game and lifestyle. We always aim high and importantly realistically!


Unique Training Style

Whether it is Squash Coaching or Personal Training, our team’s style is very relaxed and welcoming, enabling customers to build quick relationships and feel comfortable in their training methods.


Feel Comfortable

It's important you feel comfortable in your training methods and we respect that. Personal training sessions can also be provided in the comfort of your own home.


We're Local

SQUASH-FIT provides sessions all across South East Wales and Herefordshire.  Links with many local Squash Clubs and Fitness centres, gives SQUASH-FIT the flexibility to come to you!

We run SQUASH-FIT sessions at the following locations:

Monmouth Leisure Centre | Monmouth Boys School | Freedom Leisure Centre | Fitzone GymAbergavenny Leisure CentreHereford Squash & Racquetball Centre