Raquet ball is the fastest growing racket sport in the country. It is played on the same court as squash but with a larger, bouncier ball and racket with a bigger face.

Raquetball is played with a different racket that has a shorter handle and larger head. It is easier to play than squash because the larger ball bounces more, giving you more time to get to the shot and helping to keep longer rallies. At the same time, it is a fast-paced, fun game which burns plenty of calories.

We are finding more and more people are taking up raquet ball because there is a good social side to the sport and it is generally less competitive - you still work up a good sweat and burn plenty of calories though! Racket ball is particularly popular with women and older people and they are enjoying the benefits of playing racket ball regularly. Also great if you want to take up a new sport related to squash.

  • Ball Bounce
  • 87
  • Skill required
  • 45
  • Calories Burned
  • 68
  • Fun
  • 96

Why not give Raquetball a try?

Raquetball is a huge amount of fun. It is played with a larger, blue ball that has more bounce than a regular squash ball. It allows you more time to get to the ball and help the rallies keep going. The raquet used has a larger head and a shorter handle than a conventional squash raquet.

This game is growing in popularity in the UK and is often becomes a first choice for veteran players, or anyone wanting to try something new that's related to squash.

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