Squash coaching sessions are designed by our qualified coaches to improve your squash skill set. We do this by identifying your goals and designing tailored sessions to fulfil them.

Squash coaching can be an enjoyable and educating experience to all who decide to play the game, by the experienced players who want to improve their game, or beginners and improvers who want to develop into more accomplished players. Our team of coaches have spent many years in the sport and therefore bring knowledge and a wider experience to bear into their coaching styles and application. Coaching not only develops specific aspects of the game like racket and feet position but also aspects of endurance and agility which are paramount to playing at optimum levels. This has the added benefit of improving fitness levels for people who just want to get fitter or lose a few pounds in a social environment where achieving these benefits is also fun!

We offer a complete range of individual, pairs and group coaching sessions for any ages, female and male players, from beginners to experienced players. Two courts are available for coaching on every day of the week and at any time!

  • Ball bounce
  • 68
  • Skill Required
  • 58
  • Calories Burned
  • 95
  • Fun
  • 92

What we love about squash

Played by two or four players, this fast-moving game is an excellent cardiovascular workout and since it's played on indoor courts, there's no reason not to play when the weather's bad! It can be played at any age and is easy to learn, either socially or competitively and due to its high calorie-burn, has even been recognised as the number one sport for health and fitness. It develops agility and flexibility, hand-eye co-ordination, cardiovascular strength and fitness, helps concentration, improves confidence and social skills, as well as alleviating stress and mental well-being. What's not to love!

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